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Guidelines for writing (useful) reviews

FairplayTrips aims at building the most useful and complete open information data source for travelers worlwide.

Reviews play a key part in attaining the above goal.

A license for sharing

First, all reviews written by FairplayTrips members are under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license, which means the following:

  • Anyone in the world can share and adapt your contribution for any purpose, even commercially;
  • But by doing so, they must give you appropriate credit (i.e. state you are the original author, with a link to your original work), indicate if any transformation was made and, in the case a transformation was made, the new material must be distributed under the same license.

The license ensures that your effort will be shareable by everyone, and that, actually, nobody can take an undeserved benefit by retaining rights from your work.

Making useful and community friendly contributions

The community has developed its own set of rules to ensure that reviews are most useful to travelers:

  • Readable by anyone - everyone is welcome on FairplayTrips, including children. Consequently, your contributions should not contain offensive materials including but not restricted to: profanity, sexual content, personal insults or threats, ungrounded comments, etc.
  • Relevant and useful - FairplayTrips is about travel information, and a review is specific to a single place you have visited. Be specific on what you have liked or disliked, based on actual facts. No opinions unrelated to the reviewed place should be expressed, including political, ethical or religious opinions.
  • Based on your experience - only travelers who have visited a place should post a review, and your original review must reflect your unique experience.
  • No spam or unfair competition - Anyone with a commercial interest with a place (notably property owners) should not post positive reviews about her property or remunerate others to post biased reviews. In the same way, writing negative reviews on competitors is not in line with our community rules.

Enforcing rules

As a community, we define rules to help us attain our primary objectives. It is every member's role to enforce the rules through:

  • Each review can be flagged as inappropriate, and will be reviewed by a community member for further action;
  • Reviews can be voted up or down by every community member, evaluating their usefulness.
  • Ongoing work is undertaken to identify "spam" reviews, and discussion on this topic is happening on the dedicated forum.