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Voting guidelines

As a community, FairplayTrips is based on everyone contributing content useful to all, and expressing her/his views and opinions in respectful and constructive ways.

This is why FairplayTrips allows every connected user to vote on a variety of topics, in order to help community members better identify and hierarchize the vast amount of content available.

Voting for reviews

The first items which can be voted on are traveler reviews. All points of interest can be reviewed by logged in users. Despite our guidelines, some reviews may be of more value than others (due to the detailed information they contain and their accuracy).

As a FairplayTrips registered user, you can vote (once) to indicate that you found a review useful or not useful.

Voting for images

Images linked to POIs can also receive appreciation votes from registered FairplayTrips users. Usually, you will vote based on the beauty of the considered image, as well as how it describes the POI.

Voting for trips

Trips can be made public, so that other community members can view the experience of others and find inspiration.

Once again, not all trips are born equal, and a registered FairplayTrips user can vote to signify how inspiring the trip was to her/him.