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Photo by travel oriented under CC-BY-SA.
Enrich the travel information in FairplayTrips

Information available in FairplayTrips has been created by people like you, either on FairplayTrips directly, or through similar web sites promoting open data like Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap.

You can help the open data community by enriching this information in several ways, highlighted below:

To start enriching FairplayTrips, you can access the Community Page of a destination.

Just select a destination in the form below:

Help us improve the services provided by FairplayTrips

FairplayTrips is not only a repository of open travel information, but it is also a set of tools to help you build the best trips, and enjoy them at your destination on your mobile devices.

We strive to make the platform as easy as possible to use, but do not hesitate to join the conversation on how to improve the FairplayTrips services.

For developers

FairplayTrips hosts a large set of travel related information, under open data licenses. You can access those data through a growing REST API. We are developing the scope of the API on a regular basis, alongside the tools we use on the web and mobile.

If you would like to add some functionality to the API, please create an idea in our product management tool.