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FairpalyTrips is your project!

This section is about FairplayTrips' data.

Read this section if you want to contribute to FairplayTrips (we encourage you to do so!).

For building a trip with FairplayTrips, click here.

FairplayTrips' goal is to be the most useful free and open source of information for travelers around the world.

The information is created by travelers, for travelers, all under free licenses which favor community building and sharing.

The vision

For the casual traveler, finding information about a trip destination is both an exciting and daunting task, due to the multitude of sources, overlapping and disorganized.

FairplayTrips wants to help you find the information most useful for your journeys, built by an open community with a collaborative mindset.

As travelers need to trust the information they use, they must understand how it has been put together, by whom and for which purpose.

On FairplayTrips, this is made as clear as possible:

  • All information provided by FairplayTrips is clearly labelled with its source or author, and, when applicable, her role towards the place (regular traveler, manager...).
  • All information provided by FairplayTrips is under free licences, incuding Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA for Wikipedia and Hotelsbase, CC-BY for Geonames) or ODbL (OpenStreetMap) depending on the source. This means that all information found on FairplayTrips can be reused easily, for any purpose.
  • Everyone can add and amend information in FairplayTrips, following the rules defined by the community itself.

At FairplayTrips, you are not the product, but the valuable information provided and used by the community is a key part of the product.

What are free licenses?
Why is it important?

Automatic Copyright

All you publish on the web is protected from the moment you create it (if your country has signed the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works - full list of signing countries here). This means that you retain full copyright of your work for the duration of the copyright (usually a very long time), including the right to translate, reproduce, broadcast, adapt or alter your original work.

Usually, web sites to which you contribute (social networks, forums...) your work (messages, reviews, pictures...) include in their terms of service a clause which grants them a specific license on your content. Thanks to such a license, they can reuse your work free of charge, sub-license it or transfer it and even charge for it (either as-is or transformed). But only you and the site to which you have contributed your work can reuse it. Noone else except you and them.


Setting knowledge free

Many people find these copyright laws too restrictive in the Internet era, where "intellectual property" grows exponentially (all the messages and images you leave on the web are your intellectual property).

According to many respectable and successful organisations (among which Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap), it is important to build repositories of knowledge (be it an encyclopedia or cartographic information) that can be copied, reused, enriched and transformed by anyone. While retaining copyright on their contributions, members of such projects:

  • grant to others the right to copy, distribute, display, and/or perform their work, as long as they are credited as author/creator;
  • require others who use their work to share their new creations under the same license terms.

The objective is clear: develop the use and creation of content useful to people around the world, free of charge. To enforce such a vision, specific licenses have been created: Creative Commons licenses. The above two conditions are the ones you find in the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) license.

FairplayTrips follows in those footsteps, and wants to build a large body of free content for travelers around the world. All content that you post of FairplayTrips remains yours and is licensed under aCC-BY-SA license. See our privacy policy for more information.

What's in it for me?

We, as a community, believe that free information sharing benefits everyone directly or indirectly.

  • As a regular traveler (i.e. user of information), the organized amount of travel data and the honest reviews by our peers are very useful to make informed choices on places to visit or accommodation.
  • As a contributor, we often want to highlight to others the relatively unknown places that we have enjoyed, or the ones where we did not feel welcome.
  • As a travel business owner, we want to be able to present our services in the best way, while interacting honestly with the community.

For all parties involved, mutual benefits come from collaboration on a neutral platform.

How can I help?

There is so much to do!

Your contributions can take multiple forms, and will all be of great use to the community:

  • First, register on FairplayTrips. No information about you (your email address, your name...) will be shared with any external party. Only your "public name" (which you can choose) will be visible by the community, and you can remain fully anonymous (if you wish).
  • Once connected, you can start voting in plenty of places, to help hierarchize the tons of information availbale to the travelers. Vote for the most beautiful photos, for the most useful reviews, etc. More info here.
  • If you have been to a place that you have loved of hated (or if you have a mixed opinion), write a review about the place. All information about writing a review can be found here.
  • If the places that you know are missing in FairplayTrips, please add them! FairplayTrips is growing, and any place which can be useful to a traveler can be added. In order to make it easy for you, do not hesitate to follow these guidelines.
  • If the information that you find in FairplayTrips is incomplete or erroneous, please enrich and correct it. Useful guidelines can be found here.


We hope that you understand that FairplayTrips is your project. Without you, it can not live and fulfill its mission. So please join us, and let the fun begin!